The Wisdom of Fruit - Autumn Honey Figs

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✨"Thoughts come and go. Feelings come and go. Find out what it is that remains." Ramana Maharshi.✨Let's try and connect to our true nature and express our infinite potential to serve our community instead of acting from the limited perspective of personhood.🍂 Autumn Honey Fig: A similar variety to the well known Brown Turkey, these lesser known figs have a much thinner skin and are somewhat sweeter. Figs are a powerhouse.. They are said to be one of the oldest fruits dating back to biblical times and were one of the first cultivated fruits. The fig is actually an infructescence, (inverted flower)🌷. A fig trees roots grow super deep, the deepest recorded roots have reached depths of 400 feet, so don't worry about top soil degradation when it comes to certain fruits.

Figs have such a long list of health benefits: here are just a few...

Weight loss.

Sexual dysfunction.

Strengthen bones.

Help treat colon cancer.

Lowers cholesterol.

High in fibre, magnesium, manganese, sodium, B6, K, A, B1, B2, iron, phosphorus, potassium and calcium. Promoting bone density and helping lower blood pressure.

🍂Fruits have the power to assist the body back to homeostasis, a state where it can heal and regenerate. May we all find our truth 🙏.

The Wisdom of Fruit - Gac Fruit


✨"And this 'knowing' is our self, aware presence. In other words, all that is ever experienced is our self knowing itself, awareness aware of awareness." Rupert Spira✨

🌼Gac fruit (aka 'The Baby Jackfruit') originates from Vietnam. This climbing vine can reach six meters long. The fruit is the size of a small melon, and changes from green to this wonderful dark orange colour. The thin layer of shell covers the light orange spongy flesh called the mesocarp, which can actually be eaten. Then the deep magenta-red, oily sacs of the inner core can be eaten raw or cooked, they are mild in flavour, more savoury than sweet, a mix between a cucumber and melon. This super food is usually harvested in Dec/Jan.

🍁Health benefits: •70 times the amount of lycopene found in tomatoes. •Improve vision. •Fight depression. •Helps with insomnia. 🙏❤️

The Wisdom of Fruit - Malaysian Jackfruit

✨"No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man." Heraclitus✨Every 'thing' that we know changes, but do we know the 'thing' that is unchanging, the immaculate one that stays the same through all the ages? Know this and you will know the world. | Malaysian Jackfruit; This is the largest tree-born fruit on the planet, reaching up to 35kg for one fruit! Not only is it the largest it's also one of the tastiest 😁👍. The tree can produce about 100 to 200 fruits per year, I'd be happy with just one tree in my garden 😂. Jack is in the family of multiple fruits which means the body of the fruit is formed by clusters of flowers, the 'meat' are actually petals which would form into a flower 🌸.

Health benefits:

  • Maintains blood pressure.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Good for bone health.
  • Keeps thyroid healthy.
  • High in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium.
  • There is a long list of benefits :).
  • ⚡️Eat the sunshine fruits 🌞, drink the electric water💧feel the life force grow from within⚡️ 🙏💛💚

Mid-Week Fruit Haul - Mango + Persimmons

Today's fruit haul I found: 5 x Haden mango (Brazil), 3 x Kent mango (Brazil), 5 x Keit mango (Egypt), 3 x 'Bright red' Persimmon (Spain). I'm looking forward to making some mango smoothy bowls :). By eating our species specific diet we can slowly return to health and regenerate the body, mind and spirit. May all beings live in peace!!  

The Wisdom of Fruit - 'Osteen' Mango

✨"The greatest healing would be to wake up from what we are not." Mooji✨The highest knowledge is to know thy true self...'Osteen' Mango: originally from Florida a seedling of the wonderful 'Haden' variety. They are huge, mild yet sweet and always super juicy 😋. The Mango tree plays a sacred role in India; a symbol of love and some believe the tree can even grant wishes :) 🙏.

  • 🍀Nutrition: •Potassium •Vitamin A, C, D and B-6.
  • 🍀Benefits: •Lowers cholesterol •Improves digestion •Alkalizes the whole body.
  • Remove obstructions, allow the body to detox, remove acidosis and regenerate, homeostasis will be achieved 🙏🌼❤️ 

Monday Morning Fruit Haul - Mango Island

Today I decided to go for mangos all the way, they were tasting pretty good last week, mangos are great for hydration, and they help the body detox and regenerate. 5 x Keet (Egypt), 1 x unknown, 3 x Keit (Brazil), 2 x Kit (Egypt), 3 x Misk (Egypt). YUMMMMY!!!  

The Wisdom of Fruit - Musang "King" - Durio

✨"The language of light can only be decoded by the heart" Suzy Kassem✨ Oh limited mind be still so I can experience my true nature...🖖. Musang King Durian: This "King of Fruits" is native to Southeast Asia, but can grow in most tropical environments. Here you can see how unique this fruit just is, it's like eating custard cream, so many complex and subtle flavours...totally moorish. This particular variety is from Malaysia and is by far the best frozen Durian I've ever had, tryptophan is the one 🙊. 💛

Health benefits: this is such a powerful fruit and contains a whole list of goodness...

  • Ani-aging.
  • Insomnia.
  • Bone health.
  • Cancer prevention.
  • Sexual dysfunction.
  • If you can get to Asia it's prime Durian season right now👍!!!
  • I directly introduce myself to this moment through the cavity of the heart to follow the light of awareness and truth. Wahe guru 🙏. 

The Wisdom of Fruit - Cherries

✨"There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way." Thich Nhat Hanh. 🍀Nothing external can bring you closer to happiness - for genuine happiness is intrinsically linked to your true nature - therefore by finding out who you really are - you will ultimately experience true happiness🍀🍒 Cherries: Suggested to originate from Asia Minor near the Black Sea circa 300 B.C. There are over 17 varieties of this stunning drupe fruit just in the uk alone, and over 1000 worldwide!! All of which come in different flavours, colours and sizes. In Japan cherries represent beauty, courtesy and modesty. Chinese regard the fruit as a symbol of immortality 👍.

Health benefits:

  • Protects against diabetes - low glycemic index.
  • Promote sleep -boost melatonin.
  • Slows aging of skin - highest antioxidant of any fruit.
  • Plus so many other benefits, this should be on everyone's shopping list now that they're in season in the UK 🍒. 

The Wisdom of Fruit - Red Indian Guava

✨"Health is not valued till sickness comes." Thomas Fuller✨I wish to cultivate gratitude for what I have and remember the positive aspects of life. Red Indian Guava: Native to Southern Mexico, Central and South America. The guava tree is the most therapeutically used plant in the Philippines. It's obviously a "superfood" as it has super qualities 😄.

  • Health benefits: Rich in vitamin A, B, C, iron, antioxidants, carotenoids, calcium, fibre, niacin, phosphorus, protein and potassium.
  • Kills bacteria, fungal growth and amoeba.
  • Supports fertility.
  • Stabilises blood pressure.
  • Maintains thyroid health.
  • ⚡️The path to truth may be long and lonely but worth every minute spent alone with nature who nurtures, the divine in mind⚡️😄😘✨🎉🙏🏽🌿🍁❤️️💚🍇😜🍊😎😂🌼💋🍂😬

The Wisdom of Fruit - Donut Nectarine

✨"The place you are looking for is the place from which you are looking." Mooji✨This sums up the life long search for truth...It's just SO simple, it can simply be missed.🌿🍁Donut nectarine/ Saturn: Native to China, they've been cultivated since 200 B.C. Carried to the west along the Silk Road during the 15th century. A sub-acid, firm, sweet and juicy fruit with a fuzz free, silky smooth skin. One of my top ten!!


  • High in beta-carotene protest against free radicals.
  • Good source of Vitamin A, helps maintain healthy skin.
  • Rich in potassium necessary for electrical and cellular function👍🏽.
  • ⚡️The 'am' within came before the 'I' without but only through the 'I' can one recognise the 'amness' is who 'I' 'am'⚡️😌

Winter Fruits, from Pomaceous to Citrus and Beyond...

Winter is fast approaching and what better time to indulge in some of the finest winter fruits available!! There are so many wonderful tasting, juicy fruits in winter, i've listed some below.

  • Mandarins - Available all winter. Choose the heavy ones as they have more juice.
  • Clementines - December. Small sweet and juicy. 
  • Tangerines - All winter, Sweet intense. 
  • Kumquats - End of winter to spring. A small bite-sized citrus fruit with edible skin.
  • Oranges - All winter. Sour and juicy, try the Sicilian blood oranges (sanguinello). 
  • Lemons/Limes - January though to May. Perfect salad condiment. 
  • Pomelos - All winter until March. Thick skinned. Dry often tart but sweet in flavour. 
  • Grapefruits - January to late summer. Super juicy, perfect for making juices. My favourite is Grapefruit, Ginger, Turmeric.  
  • Pears - Mid-summer to winter depending on variety. Sweet when eaten ripe.
  • Apples - All year round depending on varieties. Good for making raw apple and cinnamon oatmeal. 
  • Persimmons - Short season early winter. Super sweet and juicy. One of my favourites. 
  • Yellow/Green Kiwis - Late winter to spring. Floral, sweet and sour. 

So whether you like them juiced, cooked, stewed, crumbled, jellied, jammed or just straight up, there's plenty to choose from this winter. Enjoy! the 

The Wisdom of Fruit - Satsuma

"Time is very slow for those who wait, Very fast for those who are scared, Very long for those who lament, Very short for those who celebrate, But for those who love time is eternal" William Shakespeare✨ The concept of time in reality only exists in the darkness of the mind, for when one is totally present in the cavity of the heart, there is only ever the NOW! 🌿Satsuma Clausellina / Christmas orange: Originated from China. The fruit is purple in colour for most of the year until it ripens and then turns bright orange 🍊.

Health benefits:

  • High in limonene and beta cryptoxanthin both known to help prevent certain cancers.
  • Vitamin C powerhouse.
  • High in antioxidants
  • Lower blood pressure by keeping the blood smooth.
  • So many benefits to such a simple looking fruit.🍊
  • ⚡️Timeless spirit I yearn for you, release me from the torment of the mind, so I may experience the divine⚡️

Malaysian jack fruit from the market

Check out this 10kg jack fruit I got from the market this morning, it's ripe and ready to eat, i'll be feasting on it today that's for sure. Wasn't cheap but it smelt good and I couldn't resist :-).

This jackfruit song by The Lost Boys is pretty cool too, reminds me of being in Hawaii near the beach listening to them play. Love you Jack!!!  

The Wisdom of Fruit - Brown Turkey Figs

✨The cape around me is all I own, once I'm eaten it will be gone, so what is real of me I ask, is it the mask I wear each day or is it the love with which I pray, I guess I may never know, unless I wake up from this puppet show✨TWOF.🌱Brown Turkey Figs: Ficus trees are actually members of the mulberry family. They have an opening called "ostiole" or "eye" which helps the fruits development by increasing communication with the natural environment. Native to temperate regions of Asia Minor and Turkey. Usually figs would be pollinated by tiny "gull wasps" but now in USA most of these fruits develop by parthenogenesis (without pollination) so do not contain true seeds 🙁. In Greek mythology, Plato documented that figs be fed to Olympic athletes to increase running speed and overall strength...yes!! 💪🏾🏃🏻.

  • Health benefits: •Good levels of B-complex vitamins. •Help to lower blood pressure. •Good for weight loss. •High in essential minerals 👊🏽.
  • Though it's now the end of the season I still managed to pick some up from the wholesaler this morning yummy!! 🙏🏽
  • ⚡️The many ways in which I gaze, hundreds upon thousands of possible ways, all but one illusionary haze, a frantic never ending maze⚡️