The Wisdom of Fruit - Minnoela/Tangelo


✨"Take a break from meals, watch how the body heals"✨Remember that the body has deep knowledge, nothing external will actually "heal you", they either help remove obstructions or create more of them. But ultimately it's always the body doing the work, in fact when we get out of the way, the body will show you the way. 🍊Honeybells/Tangelo/Minnoela - a citrus hybrid which originated in Florida around 1931. This variety is a combination of 'Bowen' grapefruit and 'Dancy' tangerine. This bell-shaped, sub-acid fruit is sweet with a strong tartness but wins on the juiciness and really does have a unique flavour all of its own.

Health benefits:

  • Excellent source of vitamin C and folate (B vitamin).
  • High in potassium and fibre. Adding more fruit and removing the overt fried fats can really assist the bodies nature towards healing!
  • I let go of fear...I trust in nature, I trust in the body and I trust in life!! 🙏🍊

Winter Fruits, from Pomaceous to Citrus and Beyond...

Winter is fast approaching and what better time to indulge in some of the finest winter fruits available!! There are so many wonderful tasting, juicy fruits in winter, i've listed some below.

  • Mandarins - Available all winter. Choose the heavy ones as they have more juice.
  • Clementines - December. Small sweet and juicy. 
  • Tangerines - All winter, Sweet intense. 
  • Kumquats - End of winter to spring. A small bite-sized citrus fruit with edible skin.
  • Oranges - All winter. Sour and juicy, try the Sicilian blood oranges (sanguinello). 
  • Lemons/Limes - January though to May. Perfect salad condiment. 
  • Pomelos - All winter until March. Thick skinned. Dry often tart but sweet in flavour. 
  • Grapefruits - January to late summer. Super juicy, perfect for making juices. My favourite is Grapefruit, Ginger, Turmeric.  
  • Pears - Mid-summer to winter depending on variety. Sweet when eaten ripe.
  • Apples - All year round depending on varieties. Good for making raw apple and cinnamon oatmeal. 
  • Persimmons - Short season early winter. Super sweet and juicy. One of my favourites. 
  • Yellow/Green Kiwis - Late winter to spring. Floral, sweet and sour. 

So whether you like them juiced, cooked, stewed, crumbled, jellied, jammed or just straight up, there's plenty to choose from this winter. Enjoy! the