The Wisdom of Fruit - Brown Turkey Figs

✨The cape around me is all I own, once I'm eaten it will be gone, so what is real of me I ask, is it the mask I wear each day or is it the love with which I pray, I guess I may never know, unless I wake up from this puppet show✨TWOF.🌱Brown Turkey Figs: Ficus trees are actually members of the mulberry family. They have an opening called "ostiole" or "eye" which helps the fruits development by increasing communication with the natural environment. Native to temperate regions of Asia Minor and Turkey. Usually figs would be pollinated by tiny "gull wasps" but now in USA most of these fruits develop by parthenogenesis (without pollination) so do not contain true seeds 🙁. In Greek mythology, Plato documented that figs be fed to Olympic athletes to increase running speed and overall strength...yes!! 💪🏾🏃🏻.

  • Health benefits: •Good levels of B-complex vitamins. •Help to lower blood pressure. •Good for weight loss. •High in essential minerals 👊🏽.
  • Though it's now the end of the season I still managed to pick some up from the wholesaler this morning yummy!! 🙏🏽
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