Mid-Week Fruit Haul - Mango + Persimmons

Today's fruit haul I found: 5 x Haden mango (Brazil), 3 x Kent mango (Brazil), 5 x Keit mango (Egypt), 3 x 'Bright red' Persimmon (Spain). I'm looking forward to making some mango smoothy bowls :). By eating our species specific diet we can slowly return to health and regenerate the body, mind and spirit. May all beings live in peace!!  

Fruit haul - Fresh Dates, Mangos, Plums

This weeks fruit haul: 1 x Osteen Mango (Spain), 5 x Kent Mango (Egypt), 1 x unknown Mango (Egypt), 1 x Lime, 1 x Claudia Reina Plum (Spain), 2 x Fresh Yellow Dates (Egypt), 1 x unknown Mango (Egypt). I just had to get mostly Egyptian mangos this week as they tasted sooooo goood!! 

Mango - Mini Fruit haul

Today's fruit haul - we got to the market too late so only managed to get mangoes but i'm not complaining, still very grateful to have found these. 3 x Brazilian Tommy Atkins and some unknown Spanish variety. Mangos are a sub-acid fruit so can be eaten along with sweet fruits or with acid fruits, super high in water for hydration and packed full of vitamins and minerals plus they taste damn good. 

Monday Fruit Haul - Super Selection !!

Todays super selection includes: 1 x Apple banana (Uganda), 3 x Summer Rich peach (spain), 2 x Mallart Love - White peach (Spain), 1 x White donut nectarines (Spain), 1 x Honeydew Melon, 1 x Cantaloupe melon (Italy), 1 x mango (Pakistan), 1 x pack Musang King (Malaysia), 1 x african avocado, 1 x Soursop, 1 x Thai Durian.

Abundance is real, nature is constantly providing us with super healthy food. I'm so grateful to have access to some great fruit right here in London. Removing obstacles and allowing light energy to flow by eating cleaner foods is by far the most positive thing i've done for my health and healing. Much love!! 

Weekly Fruit Haul - Still on a mango vibe!!

Mangos are still here!! 6 x Giant mangos (Uganda), 8 x Mongos (Dominican republic), 2 x Free Kent mangos (Cote D'Ivoire but not very tasty), 2 x cavendish bananas, 1 x Kesar mango (India), 1 x Cherry (Alicante) plus some free avocados and a lonely Galia Melon. 

End of the week Fruit Haul

I decided to have a couple of intermittent fasting days at the beginning of the week, so ended up going to the market yesterday. I managed to get 2 x boxes of Cherimoyas (which are slowly coming to an end unfortunately), 4 x boxes of mangoes (2 of which are from Peru which i'm happy about as they are usually amazing, 1 x box or Lychees, 1 x box of 'eat-me' avocados, 1 x box of young thai coconuts and 1 x 10kg super Jack fruit!! Yet another successful visit to the market :-).

I also just was to add that i've been eating predominantly living, (sun cooked) food for the last couple of years and I feel like it's been more than just a diet, is has been a total lifestyle change and a true journey to self love (which i'm still working towards more of everyday). The fruit has helped me so much to finally start loving and excepting who "I am", the "imperfections", the not so nice aspects of "me". So I thank nature for consistently providing us with such an abundance of pure, light-filled foods that always serve and I feel deserve more love and attention from the mainstream. In my opinion all fruits are "superfoods" especially when eaten fresh, in their whole state, fully ripe, raw and organic. Thank you!! 
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Recent Fruit Haul - Mangoes, Medjool Dates and more...

This weeks fruit haul is quite exciting...

Mangoes, Medjool Dates, Golden Kiwis, Kaki and some rare, ready to eat Soursop. I managed to get some of the best mangoes in the market, not cheap but well worth it. The Gold Cup Kent variety blew my taste buds to the moon and back this morning, and the Haden are also pretty special :-). The true wisdom of fruit in locked up inside each bite I tell you, when you experience the truth of a real ripe mango (or any other amazing fruit), it can literally change your life!! 

Thank you mother nature for creating such abundance and beauty. X