The Wisdom of Fruit - Satsuma

"Time is very slow for those who wait, Very fast for those who are scared, Very long for those who lament, Very short for those who celebrate, But for those who love time is eternal" William Shakespeare✨ The concept of time in reality only exists in the darkness of the mind, for when one is totally present in the cavity of the heart, there is only ever the NOW! 🌿Satsuma Clausellina / Christmas orange: Originated from China. The fruit is purple in colour for most of the year until it ripens and then turns bright orange 🍊.

Health benefits:

  • High in limonene and beta cryptoxanthin both known to help prevent certain cancers.
  • Vitamin C powerhouse.
  • High in antioxidants
  • Lower blood pressure by keeping the blood smooth.
  • So many benefits to such a simple looking fruit.🍊
  • ⚡️Timeless spirit I yearn for you, release me from the torment of the mind, so I may experience the divine⚡️