The Wisdom of Fruit - Samani Date Palm

✨"Love is the discovery that others are not others; beauty is the discovery that objects are not objects." Rupert Spira✨To know ones awareness is our intimate reality, only the mind distracts us from living and dwelling in it.🌻 Samani Egyptian dates: Originate from the Middle East and the Indus Vally, and have been cultivated in Egypt for thousands of years. Fossil records show that the date palm has existed for at least 50 million years!!

Nutrition: •Potassium •Copper •Manganese •Magnesium •Vitamin B6.

Health benefits: •Promotes digestion. •Anti-inflammatory. •Helps reduce blood pressure. •Reduced stroke risk.

⚡️Oh great mother...returning to your nature and our species specific diet, I feel nurtured and loved from the inside out...thank you🙏❤️⚡️

Fruit haul - Fresh Dates, Mangos, Plums

This weeks fruit haul: 1 x Osteen Mango (Spain), 5 x Kent Mango (Egypt), 1 x unknown Mango (Egypt), 1 x Lime, 1 x Claudia Reina Plum (Spain), 2 x Fresh Yellow Dates (Egypt), 1 x unknown Mango (Egypt). I just had to get mostly Egyptian mangos this week as they tasted sooooo goood!! 

The Wisdom of Fruit - Fresh Bahri Dates

✨"Letting go of the past is like dying at long last." O.C✨ But the ego won't have it, it will do everything to keep "you" away from experiencing this beautiful moment and keep "you" "suffering" and attaching to the false sense of self☹️. Oh what pain to endure in this life we call a game!!🌿Fresh Barhi dates: Originally from Basra, Iraq. Eaten at three different stages of ripeness, I prefer the Tamar stage (extremely soft/super sweet (not like the picture)). They taste rich, sweet and creamy like butterscotch candy and they just melt in your mouth aaaah 😛. There are over 20 varieties of dates all with different textures and flavours.

  • Health benefits:
  • Good for digestion, Enemia, eyes, blood pressure, cardiovascular system, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, boosts a long list of other amazing benefits!
  • We are our own guru we just don't know it or believe it or trust it...I want to trust my inner self and follow that light until the end of my-self and the begging of the-self 🙏 sat nam!!