✨"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." Albert Einstein✨ Time to dive into the unknown and try something new, every "mistake" is really just part of the journey to excellence, don't be afraid of falling it's the quickest way to learn. 🙏🏽. Cranberry - this small but outrageously healthy fruit was originally found in North America and was used by the native Americans for food and medicine as early as 1500s. They also used them to make dyes. If it doesn't bounce you'll know it's rotten. America alone consume around 400 million pounds each year 20% during thanks giving. Lets give some thanks to this awesome berry!! They can be eaten raw but be warned they are super astringent. Good combo - mix two cranberries and one dried date in mouth and chew👌🏽. Often used to make jams and sauces or added to some cooked dishes.

  • Heal benefits: •Anti-inflammatory •protect against unitary tract infection •support immune •help cardiovascular system •generally good for digestion issues 👊🏾.
  • Thank you god for this wonderful berry, may this berry help medicate thousands of people to create more health, wealth and balance in their lives.
  • When it's too simple it becomes complicated.