The Wisdom of Fruit - Queen Pineapple

✨"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." Mother Teresa. ❤️Remember you can do anything and everything but just not at the same time. Queen Pineapple🍍: Native to South America, cultivated by the Mayans and Aztecs. These golden babies are fragrant, juicy, aromatic and sweeter than their larger counterparts. They're considered a "super food" woohoo!

  • Health benefits:
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Prevents hypertension.
  • Good for strong bones, healthy gums and digestion.
  • Plus many more benefits 👍🏽.
  • ⚡️Mother needs us, she wants to re-balance, now is the time, one step at a time, without time but with love and presence, we are the ones we've been waiting for.⚡️