Victoria Plum

✨"For it is in giving that we receive." Francis of Assisi✨ I experienced this very teaching the night of the magnificent Blood Moon 🌑. I gave what I had to a desperate homeless man on a side road and offered him dinner. The gratitude he gave showered me with love and almost brought tears to my eyes. Such a simple selfless act can bring us so much joy 😊. "Victoria" plums named after Queen Victoria. Originally from a village called Alderton in Sussex. 'Prunus Domestica' or egg plums were introduced to Sweden around the 1840s and wad one of the rarest plums which has slowly become the most popular.

  • This elegant fruit grown close to home has so many benefits and here are just a few; Vitamin B complex helps our bodily metabolism become faster to break down foods quicker.
  • Good for the heart as they contain cleansing agents the keep the blood pure 👍🏽.
  • Best when eaten straight from tree to mouth 🌳😋❤️👌. 
  • If you want something then give more, for it will surely come back ten fold. The very act of giving gives you more love than you ever wished for 💛