✨"Routine is the enemy of time. It makes it fly by." Jedidiah✨In this time-space reality...all I ask for is a life filled with exhilarating experiences. A life filled with joy and passion. Surely a life worth living is a life full of love, gratitude and compassion for others. I want to live like the animals in nature live, in the moment, free of shoulds and musts, free of time, without judgement and comparisons. Let spontaneity be our code of conduct and freedom be the name we call ourselves. For just with a blink of an eye it will be time to say goodbye🙀. Feijoa / pineapple guava: This interesting fruit began its life in South America but is now mostly cultivated in New Zealand. There are over 20 varieties of this evergreen shrub. They have a very pungent aroma due to the ester methyl benzoate which is also used in solvents. Tastes like a mix of guava, strawberry, banana and pineapple.

  • Benefits; helps to balance the body's pH, with its highly alkaline composition.
  • Good to regulate blood pressure.
  • Also high in vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin B complex👍🏽
  • Peeling this fruit and eating it whole is a particularly sensual way of eating a Feijoa and is called a "Feijoa bomb"💣.
  • The flowers are also edible 🌸.
  • I never got to try this fruit while I was in New Zealand but my brother kindly got me some here in London :-). This moment is all we have so let's make it the best moment ever!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!