Red-Fleshed Passion Fruit

✨"You only lose what you cling to." Buddha✨I create more suffering through attachment, for when it's no longer there, I have lost the very thing I was clinging on to. But when I focus on the infinite, immaculate, undying, ever-present aspect, I allow my vibration to align to the very thing I though I had lost but can never be lost. I am that I am. Cling only to infinity for that is what's real. Red-fleshed Passion fruit: foraged on the Regent's canal, London. This blood red seeded fruit can only be found wild. Nobody cultivates this for its sweet taste as it doesn't have much fact it has very little flavour at all. But it's still a stunningly beautiful fruit worth sharing :-). It still contains many health benefits even though it's not that appetising to the palate.

  • High levels of carotenoids which act as antioxidants in the body.
  • Vitamin A good for eye-sight 👀.
  • "We continue to learn that bright coloured fruits and vegetables are best for our bodies." Phil Lempert.🍅🍎.
  • Red is our root, it's our base. It is believed to increase energy and brings about positive healing effects.
  • It stimulates appetite and as we know used by McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC and other chain restaurants.
  • It can increase passion and sexuality but irritable when over exposed.
  • Cling only to the infinitely positive, most inspiring and beneficial aspects of life and let go of all else that fails to vibrate on that frequency ❤️.