Dragon Fruit

✨"Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature." Steve Maraboli. 🌰🌱There are many laws in nature and abundance is one of them. From one of these fruits we're given thousands of seeds, all of which have the potential (if treated properly) to produce unlimited abundance. Trust in the laws of nature, for when they are not broken they will nurture!! Pithaya, Strawberry Pear or Dragon Fruit is native to South America and comes from a cactus tree. They come in white, yellow, red and deep magenta fleshed "Cosmic Charlie" varieties. 🐉 This creamy white fleshed fruit is spotted with black seeds which provide us with plenty of benefits.

  • Fibre rich to help clean up your digestive system.
  • Great for people with arthritis as it's an anti-inflammatory.
  • Good for treating acne, no need for face masks or anti ageing creams, just add a couple of these to your meals 🐲🌅
  • The balance of the red skin and white flesh allow us to be grounded, while also giving us plenty of room to cleanse our aura and electromagnetic field.
  • Let's open ourselves to the possibility of radiance, divine love, compassion and new spiritual awareness 🙏