Galia Melon

✨"The more you are motivated by LOVE the more fearless and FREE your action will be." - The Dalai Lama.✨ We all talk about love and we all want LOVE yet to really know LOVE and to really feel LOVE, we must make an effort to understand LOVE through direct experience and connection to the HEART of LOVE 💚!! Galia Melon - This hybrid melon was originally developed in Israel around 1973 by Karchi and was named after his daughter which means "Gods wave" in Hebrew. Though developed in Israel all melons are believed to have originated in India...wah wah!!☀️

  • This super sweet, fragrant rich fruit is high in vitamin C and A.
  • The pectin can help prevent diabetes.
  • Also high in beta carotene good for night vision 🙈.
  • Green happens to be the heart chakra - linked to compassion, self-love, peacefulness and connection.
  • Ride the WAVE of LOVE 🏄 
  • It's like eating pure LOVE flowers 🌺🌸🐝🍈🙏