✨"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." Lau Tzu✨ When all that's left is the self, there are limitless possibilities. Give us the courage to be nobody so that we may find out who we really are🙏. Nagami Kumquat: This "Golden Orange" fruit is native to China. A symbol of prosperity and often given as a gift on the Lunar New Year. There are over 6 varieties all with slightly different flavours. Eat them whole, with the peel on for the ultimate natural sweet and sour experience 😆.

  • Health benefits: Improve cardio health. •Protect from diabetes. •Increase blood production •Improve bone and teeth 👍🏽.
  • 🍊Sacral chakra/Orange: The centre of your being "hara" where we connect with our deepest stillness and wisdom. It's a place of vibrant optimism and nurturing joy. Unlock and activate the sensual flow of prana, transmute the vital energy and experience the pleasure of life🌿🍊.
  • ⚡️Open the mind to amazing possibilities, open the heart to loving expansiveness, raise the vibration to higher realms and dissolve the obstacle of bad habits⚡️