✨"Age is an issue over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." Mark Twain✨ You're only as old as you feel, you can always feel young at heart and that's all that matters🙏🏽🌳. Medlars: A ancient, rare and slightly strange Apple-like fruit. Originally from South-East Europe and South-West Asia - they grow wild and are not cultivated. More commonly found centuries ago where people would have eaten them after a meal with a glass of port and a few hazelnuts. They are eaten raw but only after 'bletting'(decay/soften), they have to reach a ripe old age in order to taste their best. They taste like stewed Apple pudding 😊👍🏽🍏.

  • Health benefits: • High in Thiamine good for the nervous system, heart and muscles. • Help reduce blood cholesterol. • High in iron, copper, calcium and magnesium all good for maintaining a healthy functioning body and mind🙏🏽
  • ⚡️"Now will he sit under a medlar tree, and wish his mistress were that kind of fruit, As maids call medlars, when they laugh alone. O Romeo, that she were, o that she were, An open-arse and thou a pop'rin pear!" Shakespeare⚡️🍐💛