Antohi Romanian Peppers

✨"Every single thing Changes and is changing Always in this world. Yet with the same light The moon goes on shining." Saigyo✨ It takes seven years for your cells to regenerate. Meaning you will be a completely different person physically and mentally. One important element of what affects who you are becoming is the food you eat. But underneath all that there is an unchanging soul/light body, and though it has many names, essentially it is one and the same in all. LOVE!!!❤️💛. Antohi Romanian heirloom pepper; A sweet and tender tasting pepper brought to Romania from the U.S. in 1991 by Jan Antohi🍁.

  • Benefits: High in vitamin C and E good for immune system and keeps skin youthful.
  • Beta-carotene good anti-inflammatory.
  • High in B6 good for nervous system and helps renew cells :-).
  • Also used in Chinese medicine to treat digestive issues and blood circulation🌼.
  • Fill your stomach with a rainbow of food and know it will help change your mood, no matter what the fight, move from darkness to light with every bite 😋🌅❤️🍁🍀🌼🙏.