The Wisdom of Fruit - Pineapple

✨"The greatest luxury is being free." Manolo Blahnik✨🍍Pineapple: This vibrant tropical fruit originates in South America now grown commercially in Hawaii, Africa and South East Asia. Each fruitlet can be identified as an "eye" 👁, also resembles a pine cone or "pineal gland" 🌲. Seen as being a luxury fruit and became a symbol of prestige and social class.

  • Health benefits:
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Super high in vitamin C good for skin.
  • High antioxidant. 
  • High in beta-carotene helps to prevent asthma.
  • Plus many more!!
  • ⚡️Sweet pineapple you woke me from my sleep and taught me to speak, in true style I grapple for your smile ☺️⚡️