The Wisdom of Fruit - Victoria Plum

✨"If you don't recognise an ingredient, your body won't either"✨- Inflammation. 🌷English Victoria plums belong to the family of roses (Rosacea). They are a "drupe" fruit in the genus, Prunus from the egg plum group...And I must say are quite delicious. Plums are the second most cultivated fruit in the world with over 200 varieties, 140 of which are sold just in the US. The Japanese samurai were thought to use Umeboshi plums to combat fatigue. In China they're a symbol on good fortune 🔮. Some are cultivated just for their beautiful flowers 🌺..

Health benefits:

  • Help increase absorption of iron.
  • Good source of vitamin C.
  • Help normalise blood sugar assisting weight loss.
  • High in fibre good for intestinal protection.
  • ⚡️Yet another perfectly designed "super" food to be consumed by hubeings⚡️