Ambarella / Golden Apple

✨"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver." Mahatma Gandhi✨ True wealth is the ability to get up in the morning free from physical pain and suffering. It's also an attitude of gratitude and a realisation that ultimately true wealth and prosperity comes from within🙏🏽. Golden apple or Ambarella are native to Melanesia and Polynesia in the South Pacific. They thrive in tropical and sub-tropical climates. Most Ambarella trees in India are not so popular and serve mostly as shade trees :-(🌳.To be honest it's not my favourite fruit either, it has a crunchy yet stringy consistency, with slightly acidic tones, similar to that of an unripe mango mixed with pineapple.

  • Health benefits; Recommended for diabetes mellitus, indigestion, unitary tract infections, hypertension and haemorrhoids.
  • The leaves also contain powerful healing properties🍃👍.
  • Tune in to the physical aspect of the yellow chakra relating to the stomach, digestive organs, pancreas and liver.
  • Getting more of this colour in your life will help to slouch less at the shoulders and open the heart centre more. Stand tall and radiate your inner power. Find that fire within and assert your true amazing self for the world to see🔥.
  • Fear not, for you are worth more than money and gold💛.