Aronia Berry

✨"Love begins by taking care of the closest ones - the ones at home." Mother Teresa✨ What a great reminder of how the closest one to you IS YOU!! Love begins in me, for me to then share with others abundantly 🙏🏽💜. Aronia berries are native to eastern North America, cultivated in Scotland. They got the name "chokeberry" because of their strong astringent taste which leaves the mouth feeling pucker or dry. And apparently too tart to be eaten raw so I tried eating a meal of them and rightly found I could only manage 2 or 3😝. Yet they taste great when added to a banana smoothie🍌👍🏽. They have the reputation as the 'Healthiest Berry in the World'. Maybe because they have three times the level of anti-oxidants than blueberries!!.

  • Benefits: Known to have the ability to reverse memory loss.
  • The Native American Indians used them as an aphrodisiac👌🏽😜.
  • Also said to help ward off heart disease.
  • Yet another superfood close to home 🌲🌷.
  • May we all find that loving, warm feeling of home within our own hearts, where there is no need for any-thing external to feel that everlasting joy 💜🌅