Passion Fruit

✨"I am not the born; how can there be either birth or death for me?." Guru Nanak✨The "I" or "self" is beyond birth and death. All else is temporary, Maya (illusion)...I want to know my true nature, that intimate, immaculate all knowing self, so that I can be free from the cycle of birth and death🙏🏽. Passion fruits are native to Brazil and grow mainly in tropical climates.

  • Benefits: High in Iron which increases haemoglobin in the blood, good for people with Anemia.
  • They contain medicinal alkaloids which relax the nervous system and enhance your mood 👍.
  • Good for Asthma, digestion and blood pressure🌞.
  • May we all find our unborn self beyond birth and death. Waheguru!!