Together We Stand, United We Fall.

San Nam (Truth is your identity/name) 

I believe that one day we will all be able to work together, in harmony with mother nature and all other sentient beings on this beautiful planet. I see a world full of solid, giant wondrous trees, bearing magnificent edible fruits, clean running water flowing from streams and rivers meeting in and ocean so vast and full of marine life, all left alone to prosper and re-build strength. I see an abundance of fruit trees and vegetables growing everywhere, even in parks and urban environments. All animals roaming free without being subject to torture or abuse. I see the ice caps being fully healed and the air we breath being restored back to it's natural state of freshness and aliveness. I hope all humans from different religions and beliefs reach a place of understanding where we can all live and let live, where we can allow others to have their ideals and look and sharing any common ground so we can ultimately see the similarities between us all and live with a sense of common-unity. Let's create a sustainable environment for our now for all future generations. May there be peace, may there be peace, may there be peace!! Om shanti shanti shanti x!!