Flamingo 'Red blush' Pears

✨"The foods that promote longevity, virtue, strength, health, happiness and joy; are juicy, smooth, substantial and agreeable to the stomach." Bhagavad Gita✨There are lots of elements to longevity, some of which we have more control over than others. We are still lucky enough to have the ability to make great choices when it comes to food :-). Remember real health is a combination of many things, food is only one of them.🍐Flamingo "Red blush" Pears originate from South Africa and are definitely juicy, smooth and agree with my stomach. They are often the first fruit given to infants as a safe way to start. Homer, the famous author of the Odyssey, called pears "gift of the gods." I totally agree but then again all fruits are gifts from God 🙏🏽!!! The ancient Chinese believed that the pear was a symbol of immortality...the pear tree lives for a long time and produces fruit for up to 100 years :-). There are over 5,000 verities of this Smart Carb, Powerfood all having multiple benefits;

  • This "hypoallergenic" (low allergy) fruit has more nutrients per calorie than calorie per nutrient, even with their sweetness.
  • Good source of fiber, copper, vitamin C and K.
  • Apples and pears are ranked as the second highest source of flavonols (among all fruits and veg), rich in epicatechin which helps with heart health, type 2 diabetes and anti-ageing 👍🏾.
  • Get some "high turbidity" juice down you!✌️.
  • May we all live long healthful lives but also remember that it's not the number of years that matter but the number of years spent in joy and wonder, full of loving memories to ponder 😀🌞.