Passion Fruit

✨"Keep your face to the sunshine and you can never see the shadow." Helen Keller✨ We always have a choice to look at the positive or negative side of life, it's up to us to remember that even though there may be clouds in the sky...the sun is always shining brightly behind them.😎☀️⛅️ Flavicarpa or "Sunshine" Passion Fruit: This silky smooth variety is native to Brazil and can grow as big as a grapefruit. Uniquely balanced with slight acidic yet aromatic "natural" flavour which works well with most fruit blends. Popular in Hawaii where they may have the highest consumption of Lilikoi fruit juice in the world.🍹Native Indians prized the Passion flower "Ocoee" as the most abundant and beautiful of all their flowers🌸.

  • Perfectly ripe and far sweeter when wrinkled.
  • Good bulk laxative.
  • Great source of anti-oxidants, vitamin A and C.
  • High in Iron good for Hemoglobin levels and for people suffering with Anemia.
  • Ignite the passion in your life and the fire of love shall unfold before you💛🌞