African Horned Cucumber

✨"At times I find it hard describing you, the deep complexities that run right through. No words come close to the feeling I get of the sweet and succulent bite I've met, so I'll do my best to tell the rest that you really are the very best." Olmo Cassibba✨🍁African horned cucumber; originally grew wild in the Kalahari dessert now cultivated in New Zealand. An amazingly psychedelic looking fruit (from the future) with many names including "Kiwano" and "Blowfish fruit"🐡. Tastes like a melon, cucumber, courgette with hints of lemon and banana😕.

  • Benefits; over 90% water good for hydration.
  • High in vitamin E good for dementia and keeping the mind fresh😊👍🏽.
  • Boost your mood with colourful food 🙏🍁🌅🌼🍃