The Wisdom of Fruit - Blackberry

✨"Music is nothing but soundwaves controlled by angels" - Leroy Webb✨ I love this quote. It takes so much more than just time, passion or even skill to create art, it takes real love and attention to detail to enter that realm and dance with the angels. 🍃BLACK BERRY: It's likely they originated in Asia, North or South America or sub-arctic Europe. This aggregate adapt to any climate and proliferate all over the world. Some folklore associates the blackberry with bad omens. Used in Christian art to symbolise spiritual neglect or ignorance and Christ's blood. Also a symbol of arrogance |

  • Benefits: •High is anti-oxidants which prevent oxidation of molecules.
  • •High in vitamin C counter inflammation and free radicals.
  • •Contain good amount of minerals including copper, good for production of white and red blood cells 👍🏽.
  • ⚡️These beauties are currently in season and can be found in any country lane near you⚡️😀