Raw Vegan - Honey Mango Smoothie Bowl

Honey Mango smoothie bowl

This was an epic raw vegan meal of super sweet, ripe, sun-cooked and creamy Honey Mangoes simply blended, with a hint of lime, eaten alongside some red romaine lettuce. The Indian Kesar Mango season has just begun and I am so excited. 


6/7 or any number of ripe Mangoes of your choice. 

A dash of lime juice. 

1 hand-full of Romaine lettuce. 


Step 1: Peal mangoes, cut and place into blender. 

Step 2: Add a dash of lime juice. 

Step 3: Blend until creamy. 

Step 4: Place into bowl. 

Step 5: Place Romaine lettuce alongside. 

Step 5: Finish with a slice of fresh lime. 

Step 5: Enjoy a meal of pure love...heaven in a bowl, that will surely love you back :-)!