Freely written

Be a nerd, love what you do, feel the love you have for you, the others may laugh and shout silly names, but know they're the ones with their heart in the flames. Every time I try to hold you, you seem to disappear, the very thing I want so bad, I cannot have, you're not havable, you're not tangible, I must drop the need, I am you, there is nothing to gain and nothing to find for you are the atom within my mind, nothing to gain in order to hold you. I need only to let go of needing, for that is what keeps me at a distance from you. You are me, where are we going? gone with the wind, or coming to light, I am the light, the giver of love, living this life I realise is pure. Pure is the night that creeps up behind, while we're all busy looking for light. Light never comes, as it's already there, fills every gap and clears the air. Write little one for you must share, the love and light you have...don't despair!