✨"It's better to dance than to march through life." Yoko Ono.✨ Love the idea of dancing through life, not taking things too seriously, remembering to be fluid and listen to the rhythm of life💃🏽. 🍊Ruby Red Grapefruit: A hybrid subtropical citrus fruit, accidentally crossed between a Jamaican sweet orange and and Asian pomelo. Originally from Barbados, it was known as the "the forbidden fruit". This magical super fruit comes in various colours; red, pink, white and golden. It got it's English name based on the way it grows, in grape-like bunches 🍇🍊. It's February which means it's national Grapefruit month more grapefruit.

  • Benefits: help burn fat, one grapefruit will provide you with more than half of your recommended vitamin C daily intake, helping with damaged skin.
  • Helps lower cholesterol, cleans the blood.
  • High in fibre and contains 91% of living hydrating water, along with electrolytes, minerals and vitamins.
  • Live with Optimistic Vibrant Expressiveness!!